1. Jika engkau menemukan cela pada seseorang dan engkau mahu mencacinya, maka cacilah dirimu. Kerana, celamu lebih banyak darinya.

2. Bila engkau hendak memusuhi seseorang, maka musuhilah dahulu perutmu. Kerana, tidak ada musuh yang lebih berbahaya terhadapmu selain perut.

3. Bila engkau hendak memuji seseorang, pujilah ALLAH s.w.t.! Kerana, tiada seorang manusia pun lebih banyak dalam memberi kepadamu dan lebih santun lembut kepadamu selain DIA.

4. Jika engkau ingin meninggalkan sesuatu, maka tinggalkanlah kesenangan dunia. Sebab, andaikata engkau meninggalkannya, bererti engkau terpuji.

5. Bila engkau bersiap-siap untuk sesuatu, maka bersiaplah untuk mati. Kerana, jika engkau tidak bersiap untuk mati, engkau akan menderita, rugi penuh penyesalan.

6. Bilamana engkau ingin menuntut sesuatu, maka tuntutlah Akhirat. Kerana, engkau tak akan memperolehnya kecuali dengan mencarinya.

Sunday, 6 May 2012



Sollu 'alan Nabi.

I'm not a nutritionist or so. But Alhamdulillah, with His Will, I have 'this' interest to know more about food and health. Basically, we need carbs, protein, vitamins, minerals and etc for our body. You are what you eat. If you love to eat deep fried food, than you'd probably end up with having high cholesterol level. If you are a sweet-tooth, you'd probably will have diabetes as all you eat have sugars in it. I'm not praying for you to have the disease, but that is the law. Sunnatullah. If you work for a healthy diet, insyaAllah, you'll be healthy too. All with Allah's Will.

So here is the list of food that is not so good for our body :

1. WHITE FOOD- can't live without nasi? Well it is one of the not so good food if you over-eat them. White rice, white bread, white sugar, white salt. I think we can always enjoy the food, but, with limitation. It is great if you can substitute the whites with other healthier options such as brown rice, wholemeal bread, himalaya salt, and substitute sugar with stevia, blackstrap molasses, Agave Nectar and etc.

2. High-sugar, oily, contain MSG, preservatives and processed foods. The more the food is being 'modified' with weird, long list and 'you-don't-have-a-clue-what-is-this-thing' ingredients, than it is probably not so good for you. As it has been combined with a chemical mixture that is NOT going to be so friendly with your stomach and overall health.

The best food is when you have them in their most natural form, like fruits, nuts, and vegies. Organic food is always the best choice as it is free from chemicals and pesticides. (but, organics tend to be expensive. sob. tanam sayur sendiri kat belakang rumah kalau rajin ;)) .Also very important to select Halal and Tayyib food. Do not go for 'healthy' food that is not halal or syubhah.

Keep in mind these simple keywords for a healthier food choice : Sugar-free, Flourless (white flour), No preservatives/ artificial flavourings/ colourings/ processed food. Avoid trans fats or hydrogenated fats, and go for the good fat/ unsaturated fats where you can get them from olive oil, nuts, avocados and Omega 3 fatty acids from cold-water fish, flax seed, and walnuts.

Do cook in a healthier way- avoid deep frying, too much santan, and MSG. Steam/ grill your food, and reduce the usage of cooking oil, sugar, and salt.

Rasulullah S.A.W was a very healthy, and strong man. He went to war when he was already in his late years. He loved honey, dates, habbatus sauda, milk, pomegranate/delima, olives, watermelon, barley, vinegar and etc. Read the sirah to find out more about Rasulullah's diet and the manners in Islam regarding eating food.

But these thing for sure, he never over-ate, always praise Allah before and after eating, did not lean while eating, never ate at a dining table (He sits on the floor with iftirasy), used his right hand, never wasted or gave bad comments about the food, and stop eating before he was full.

The other facts caught me is that, Rasulullah was never full for two days in a row, and he always fast (puasa). Fasting is a very good way to detoxification. That's explain why the Muslims at his time were strong, and healthy. They only ate when hungry, stopped before being full, fast, exercise (they always have to put more work for there were no steady/fast vehicles except camels,horses,donkeys. OR machines to help them doing their house chores. Besides, they were good at physical activity like archery, training horses and etc.) They follow Islam with discipline and whole-heartedly. They woke up in the middle of the night to perform Tahajjud and have strong faith in Allah. They were not materialistics or selfish, for their hearts were only for Allah and Islam. They have strong connections with Allah, optimistic and brave all throughout their lives.

I think that, the most important thing is to have a healthy soul (rohani), besides a healthy diet and lifestyle.
Only He can give us health, or disease. He Knows Best. We can always try and hope for the best, and for the rest of it, just leave it to Him. We must have faith that only Allah have the power to give us benefits, not the food/medication/supplement itself.


DO NOT BUY DIMES FRUIT JUICE as I discover that the company that owns it also sells beer and alcohol. It is syubhah.

I suggest BIOGREEN because it ranges from organic goods with halal certificate from JAKIM. Try it's Pink Lady Oatmilk. Always read labels and opt for a halal, healthy, and affordable goods.

Thank you Allah. :) May all of us will have the strength to follow Rasulullah S.A.W in our everyday life. Eat in MODERATION ! (stop the idea of 'makan sampai kenyang'). InsyaAllah.

Hey, I still eat whatever I want. Sigh. Make doa for me to be strong enough to win over my 'nafsu makan'.. Thank You.

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