1. Jika engkau menemukan cela pada seseorang dan engkau mahu mencacinya, maka cacilah dirimu. Kerana, celamu lebih banyak darinya.

2. Bila engkau hendak memusuhi seseorang, maka musuhilah dahulu perutmu. Kerana, tidak ada musuh yang lebih berbahaya terhadapmu selain perut.

3. Bila engkau hendak memuji seseorang, pujilah ALLAH s.w.t.! Kerana, tiada seorang manusia pun lebih banyak dalam memberi kepadamu dan lebih santun lembut kepadamu selain DIA.

4. Jika engkau ingin meninggalkan sesuatu, maka tinggalkanlah kesenangan dunia. Sebab, andaikata engkau meninggalkannya, bererti engkau terpuji.

5. Bila engkau bersiap-siap untuk sesuatu, maka bersiaplah untuk mati. Kerana, jika engkau tidak bersiap untuk mati, engkau akan menderita, rugi penuh penyesalan.

6. Bilamana engkau ingin menuntut sesuatu, maka tuntutlah Akhirat. Kerana, engkau tak akan memperolehnya kecuali dengan mencarinya.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Start A New Life


Sollu 'alan Nabi.

A life without fear, without hatred, without negative perceptions.

A life full of hope, love and husnu-zhon.

A life, that is pure, sincere and peaceful.

Just like a newborn, everything to him is delightful and make him happy.

Eventhough he do not know what exactly the thing is.

Get through this life with the simple yet powerful momentum.

All hopes on Allah. All trust on Allah.

Just like when we were in our mother's womb.

Helpless, yet still alive. All with Allah's will and power.

A beautiful life, starts from the heart,

that is free from everything except Allah.

Still hoping, and trying to start the new beautiful life.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Write Our Life Story With Beautiful Akhlak


Sollu 'ala Nabi.

This life is just like a story. We'll never know how it will end. But we have the ability given by Allah to do our best, and hope for the best from Him. The weather do change, and so do people. As we grow up, we are not the same person as we were 5 years ago. We gain more knowledge, experience, and become more mature InsyaAllah. And for that, it is still not too late for us to write our own life story with what Allah order us to do..which is obeying His laws and practicing good manners with other people.

I've learned, that human are sensitive. They want the best for themselves, they always search for happiness, and they want to loved. Rasulullah SAW taught us to treat other people just like we want ourselves to be treated, as we are not true Mukmin yet, until we love our Muslim brothers and sisters just like we love ourselves. MasyaAllah, really hard isn't it?

We tend to be arrogant and selfish. We want the best, and we want more for ourselves, and we don't bother much about others. We do CARE A LOT if other people hurt our feelings through their words or act, but we FORGET about the things that we do to hurt others. How much cruel we can be?

Islam is a very beautiful and loving religion. It teaches honesty, respect and rules (knowledge to be followed) in every step of the human's life. When we know about the prophet SAW, how his akhlak is...I'm sure that it'll inspire us to be a good hearted person, which is full of love, forgiveness, mercy, and nice prayers to all Muslims. It doesn't matter if that person is bad towards us, because he/she will have to answer that in front of Allah. The most important thing is that how we carry ourselves in this short life, whether to fill our hearts with anger and hatred or with peace, love and harmony. To follow the Prophet or to follow the syaitan. In the end, by following the right track and act accordingly, we will have a very wonderful ending of our life story which is Husnul Khatimah and get to enter the Jannah with Allah's blessings InsyaAllah.

There is no such thing as happily ever after in this world, because here is the place for us to be tested by Allah. Unless we have the heart of a true Mukmin. One who believe that everything happened is the very best from Allah. But remember, happily ever after do exist in the afterlife, when we get to be in the heaven. InsyaAllah.

So here's a script from a heart, that is inspired by Rasulullah SAW.."I want to be a good muslimah/muslim, and I want to love other Muslims because of Allah. I'll try my best to treat other people with love, respect and I'll try my very best not to hurt their feelings in any way whether it is through my opinions/intentions/words/act. If anyone hurt me, I'll be patient and forgive the person because that is what Allah loves me to do. I'll focus on fixing myself with knowledge, ibadah, and akhlak. I want to be the person who is beneficial to others biiznillah..May Allah give us taqwa and beautiful akhlak.."

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Inside Pregnancy


Sollu 'alan Nabi.

Maha suci Allah yang menciptakan, merupa bentuk, menghidupkan, mematikan...Check out this very cool video about inside pregnancy from week 1 to 37 at babycentre. :) Segala puji hanya bagi Allah...


Kita semua datang dari Allah..dari tiada kepada ada..dari saripati air mani yang hina menjadi manusia yang berakal..betapa hebat dan agungnya diri-Mu Ya Rabb..Tidak mampu kami untuk ucapkan puij-pujian kepada-Mu sepertimana Engkau memuji diri-Mu sendiri..

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Poem: To You My Zauj


Sollu 'alan Nabi.


When I first saw you,
I can feel that we are connected.
In many ways.

I like that you are very shy and polite.
And I like you just the way you are.

Subhanallah, we are meant to be together.
Husband and wife, in this world.
And I hope, in the hereafter.

You keep telling me,
to focus on Allah, to love Him,
more than to love you.

Thank you for everything.
You really take good care of me,
and teach me so many things, with love and patience.

I love you because of Allah.
I will try my best to be a solehah wife for you,
and a solehah mother to our child,
this child, whose growing wonderfully
with Allah's will inside my womb.

May we get the love, mercy and guidance from Him
throughout our lives.
And we get to be the slave that He wants us to be.

May peace and blessings be upon us.